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Appliance State

  • Keep your appliance organised. Each kitchen utensil should have its own place on the counter or in a cupboard if it’s not used often. Put away appliance like blenders and mixers right after use. This way you will have more space and your kitchen will look organised.
  • Clean your appliance regularly. This way the storage appliance like fridge and freezer will preserve the food in good condition for longer. A clean stove can decrease your electricity bill and shorten the cooking time. Cooking in a clean oven gives the food better flavour. It is vital for the health to give your oven professional deep cleaning in Enfield at least 3 times a year, or more depending on the frequency of usage. This way there will be less danger in growing germs in the layers of residual grime inside the oven.
  • Speed cooking oven and blenders are an appliance for the busy lifestyle. If you don’t have time to cook, then invest in technology that will save time, but still help you eat healthy.
  • Invest in wi-fi connected appliances. During the last years, the high-tech entered the kitchen and started to change the work and productivity of most appliance. The Turn On/Off timer is no longer considered an innovation. The latest improvements in time saving are related to wi-fi ovens, fridges, coffeemakers and even bar sets. Various applications on your phone can help you find the best recipe for tonight, add items to your shopping and even help you cook. Now you can load the bread-maker or put the roast in the oven and control the cooking process through your mobile device.

Cupboard Arrangement

  • If you wish to limit the time spent in running all around the kitchen, then arrange the cupboards the right way
  • Keep the things you use every day close to hand
  • Place the cookware you use most on a lower shelf and the ones you use occasionally in a high cupboard or in a storage room
  • Keep the knives set and the cutting board on the kitchen counter close to the sink
  • Arrange the plates and cutlery close to the sink on an easy to reach height
  • Keep your spices cabinet or rack close to the stove, but never above the cooker
  • Place your favourite spices in front of the rest
  • Label all spices and product compartments to avoid searching for them while cooking
  • Use storage boxes

Food & Cooking Hacks

  • Preheat the oven and the frying pan before cooking. This may take a while, so you will have time to prepare the meal before it’s the time to put it in the oven. Keep in mind that a clean oven will heat up faster than a dirty one. Experts in professional oven cleaning confirm that meat cooking time is less when the oven is maintained on a regular basis. The fastest way to get water to a boiling state is if you put the lid on the cooking pot
  • Make a cooking ice cubes. Try the various combinations like herbs and butter, fruit and milk, bouillon, etc.
  • Make a dessert ice cubes. Freeze coffee, milk & cocoa, fruits & tea, cookie crumbs in a fruit smoothie and add them to your beverage, cocktail or dessert.
  • Pre-cut the foods you use most - onion, garlic, fruits, fresh spices and keep them in box containers or plastic bags. This will take time to do, but you will have more time later when you cook.
  • Regrow food. There are many vegetables and fruits that can be regrown from cuts and seeds. Try to grow them at home and limit your shopping list.
  • Learn how to prepare healthy food in the microwave. There are many recipes to try.
  • Multitask, multitask and multitask. There is no other way in the kitchen.
  • Learn how to chop products fast. This is the greatest time-saver especially if you have to cook for many people.
  • Make a cooking schedule for the week. Even if you don’t keep it, you will have an idea what ingredients you have and use them to prepare something else.
  • Roasted meat and vegetables take less time to prepare. Turn on your oven when you start cutting the products, by the time you are finished the oven will be hot enough to cook inside.
  • Before you start cooking think of every step of the process, arrange your time and stick to it.

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