How To Make Junk Food Healthy

Not what we eat, but how much we eat determines the benefits and harmful effects of food, according to nutritionists. Ice cream, pizza, hamburger ... The thought of them attracts us and we often buy them without thinking about the damage that they cause to our organism. And many of us are familiar with the saying that the most delicious food is usually the most harmful.

Yet, some of the foods we all love to eat, even if we consider harmful to our body, can help us ... to lose weight. As long as you abide by some restrictions.


The Benefits Of Eating The Fattest Of All Fast Foods – Hamburgers

"Meat and bread - what combination could be more detrimental?!," will exclaim supporters of the "light" food. Both lighter and heavier food may actually be more nutritious than you think. All you need to do is choose the correct proportions. The best option for those who want to lose weight is to eat meat in the form of fillets. This is what dietitians recommend, cited by Fillets are processed by our organisms for a long time, they are an excellent source of protein, and keep a sense of satiety for a long time.

Hamburgers can be especially healthy, if you decide to brown the fillet at home in the oven. It can take some time to prepare it, but it will certainly be healthier and with less amounts of fat than the one bought at the food corner shop. For a better taste quality, professional oven cleaners from Southwark recommend to sweep the oven cavity at least twice a year.


New research, conducted by Australian scientists, confirms this view. Women who have a diet consisting only of meat and dairy products, have lost weight much faster than those who received only fruits and vegetables.

But do not forget about proportions! If you decide to have a lunch with hamburger - 100 g are sufficient. That is, the hamburger should not be larger than ... a deck of cards.


Ice Cream Madness


Ice cream with high fat content, despite the popular opinion, can be helpful. A new study, conducted by Swedish researchers, showed that women who daily consume 100 g of whole milk ice cream, gain less weight than other.

The secret may lie in the fact that fatty foods are more filling. Many people intake less fatty or completely fat-free products, but their quantities are bigger. This undoubtedly contributes to weight gain. At the same time, a small portion of the product which rich in fats can boost your energy for a longer time and thus can turn into more useful than harmful food.




This product has long been quite unjustly thrown out of many diets. But according to recent research, eggs are 2 times more useful than the sandwiches. By themselves they do not have a high calorie content (one egg contains about 100 calories), whereas the increased content of protein in them helps to preserve the feeling of satiety. Furthermore, the eggs contain amino acids that are useful for the whole body, especially the heart and the nervous system.

Nutritionists often advise to include egss in the morning breakfast, because they provide a supply of nutrients throughout the day. Lunch for example, can be enriched with an egg salad (it is recommended to consume only the white part that contains 4 times less calories than yolks).


Again, most importantly - do not abuse this product, especially if you eat out somewhere where the cooks do not spare the amount of used butter and oil.



The healthy pizza dough must be made from whole wheat flour, whereas the stuffing should consist of a small amount of cheese, chicken and vegetables (broccoli, red peppers). This kind of pizza will be processed in our body systems for a long time and keep the feeling of satiety throughout the day.

If you buy a pizza, try to understand how they cook it. If it is done in the deep utensil, but not in the traditional shallow one, probably they add a large amount of oil or butter, which is contradictory to eating healthy.

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