Out Of Fridge, Out Of Mind - 9 Foods To Stay Away From Cold

We regularly clutter our fridge with all kinds of food – either because we are extra careful, or because there isn’t another place for those products. Yet, there are a few items, which not only do not need storing in cool area, but actually the cold temperature can damage them.

One question remains, though – what will you do with the extra space in the fridge? Yet, one thing is for sure – you will considerably lower the amount of time you spend cleaning your refrigerator when going over the regular kitchen sweep!


Tomatoes - Keep Them Out Of The Cold

Because of low temperatures, tomatoes darken or cover with speckles. You’d better keep them on a kitchen shelf, without any nylons around them. Only if you bought or picked the tomatoes while still greener, in order to boost their ripening, you can place them in a paper bag.

Potatoes Gonna Potate


If potatoes stay in the fridge, that could substantially change their taste and smell. It is better to keep the potatoes in a paper bag as well. Nylon bags are a source of humidity, which accelerates rotting, so try to keep potatoes away from them.

Coffee Time


Both the freezer and the fridge create condensation, which affects greatly the coffee aroma. This refers for coffee beans, as well as for ground coffee. It is best to store it in an air-proof box.

Onion Needs Air

Onion has its natural cover. The only acceptable option to store onion is either without any bags or inside pierced bags, so that the air can circulate. One more tip: keep the onion away from potatoes, because they give off gases and humidity, which makes the onion rot faster.


Sturdy Garlic


Garlic can be stored easily without any additional details or extra care. This vegetable can withstand over two months at room temperature.

Nuts and Aubergines

These products can stay long enough at higher than four degrees temperature. You don’t actually need to fill up the precious fridge space with them.


Bread Has To Breathe


Fridge will dry it out way faster than room temperature. That is why I advise you, if you cannot eat the full bread during the day, leave aside a few slices to bite, which you can keep in the bread box, whereas freeze the rest.

Spicy Sauces

There is absolutely no point to store such products in the fridge. Their contents help for keeping it unopened at room temperature for at least three years. Once you open them, though, use them before the expiry date.


Careful Not To Over-Egg The Pudding


Actually, it is better to keep the eggs out of the fridge. Why? Well, for starters, the racks of the fridge is one of the worst places for them, because of the constant shaking and the penetration of other smells. What’s more, the British FoodTest laboratories did series of tests and came up with surprising results – there is no difference between the bacteria levels in fridge-stored eggs, as opposed to room-stored ones.

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